Foreign trade sales assistant
【Foreign trade sales assistant】    
Academic requirementsTechnical secondary school/high school and above          Number of people1
Job Responsibilities: 1. Provide high-quality responses and effective tracking of inquiries received by the company's official website and alibaba; 2. Independently develop customers through search engines such as Google and social software such as Linkedin; 3. Establish customer files and analyze customer conditions; 4. Assist the supervisor in the work of marketing; 5. Assist the regional supervisor to deal with business documents and related matters, and promote the improvement of performance; 6. Actively communicate with the company's R&D and engineering to provide customers with competitive solutions;

job requirements:
1. Men and women are not limited, age 20-35 years old; college degree or above, major in international trade and English is preferred.
2. Fluent in business English, serious and responsible work, teamwork spirit, good problem-solving and adaptability skills, hard-working and excellent communication skills. 3. Welcome outstanding fresh students to submit their resumes;
Work location: Qiantang New District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Interested parties please submit your resume to hr Email:
0571-82725909 Address: No. 3688, Weiwu Road, Linjiang High-tech Zone, Dajiangdong Industrial Cluster, Hangzhou, Zhejiang       
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